Kurt A. Richardson

Published: 2021

Kurt A. Richardson, PhD is the owner of Emergent Publications; a publishing house that specializes in complexity-related publications, and is the owner of Exploratory Solutions, a small company set-up to develop software to support decision making in complex environments. Kurt is also a co-founder and Chief Systems Architect of Inergy Systems, a hardware and software company specializing in products and services in the area of smart energy grid technology, as well as a Principal Systems Engineer for LinQuest Corporation, contracting to US Space Force with a focus on SATCOM support and planning tools. Kurt was a Senior Systems Engineer for the NASA Gamma-Ray Large Area Telescope (now Fermi). Kurt’s academic interests include the philosophical implications of assuming that everything we observe is the result of complex underlying processes, the relationship between structure and function, analytical frameworks for intervention design, and robust methods of reducing complexity, which have resulted in the publication of over fourtyjournal papers and book chapters, and ten books. He is the Managing/Production Editor for the international journal Emergence: Complexity & Organization and is on the review board for the journals Systemic Practice and Action Research, and Systems Research and Behavioral Science. In his spare time he plays tennis, plays piano and guitar and composes music.

Chapter Author(s) Title Link
1 Kurt A. Richardson,
Paul Cilliers & Michael R. Lissack
Complexity science—A 'grey' science for the 'stuff in between'
2 Kurt A. Richardson The hegemony of the physical sciences—An exploration in complexity thinking
3 Kurt A. Richardson On the relativity of recognizing the products of emergence and the nature of the hierarchy of physical matter
4 Kurt A. Richardson,
Andrew Tait
The death of the expert?
5 Kurt A. Richardson Systems theory and complexity—Part 1
6 Kurt A. Richardson Systems theory and complexity—Part 2
7 Kurt A. Richardson Systems theory and complexity—Part 3
8 Kurt A. Richardson From complicated to complex—On the relationship between connectivity and behavior
9 Kurt A. Richardson Simplifying boolean networks
10 Kurt A. Richardson Complexity, information and robustness—The role of information 'barriers' in Boolean networks
11 Kurt A. Richardson,
Andrew Tait
On the visualization of dynamic structure—Understanding the distinction between static and dynamic network topology
12 Kurt A. Richardson The role of 'waste' in complex systems
13 Kurt A. Richardson On the limits of bottom-up computer simulation—Towards a nonlinear modeling culture
14 Kurt A. Richardson Complex systems thinking and its implications for policy analysis
15 Kurt A. Richardson,
Michael R. Lissack & Johan Roos
Towards coherent project management
16 Kurt A. Richardson,
Andrew Tait & Michael R. Lissack
The potential of group decision support tools in the coherent management of complex projects
17 Kurt A. Richardson Managing complex organizations—Complexity thinking and the science and art of management