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A few extensions to path-dependence and emergence in complex social systems
Volume: 9, Issue 4
Eve Mitleton-Kelly has summarized the theories of complexity into five categories. Four of the categories arise from various natural sciences studying complex systems, and the fifth one mostly arises from economic and social studies, which deal with social systems path-dependence, increased returns and emergence. Mitleton-Kelly raises Brian W. Arthur’s theory into the core of that fifth research area of complexity research. With this article, I want to broaden our understanding related to that area. Therefore, I here discuss three additional inter- or transdisciplinary theories, which deal with the same themes. The theories are: Malaska’s theory, Naisbitt’s theory, and the Theory of energy as the driver of all societal transformation. The theories may be considered as additional benchmarking views for the fifth area, or even its new independent parts.