Charles Darwin University, AUS


Sue Erica Smith is Senior Lecturer in the College of Education, and research theme leader Wellbeing and Sustainability in the International Graduate Centre of Education at Charles Darwin University. Her research explores mindfulness in education, teacher resilience, and spirituality. Her work is underscored by equity and openness to learn from and with diverse peoples.



Evaluating a mindfulness program in a middle school
Volume: 22, Issue 1
Mindfulness practice is gradually being recognized as an important strategy for supporting overall wellbeing to cope in a world shaped by constant change. The school environment is no exception. This paper reports on the outcomes of a mindfulness program that was implemented in a middle school in regional Australia. A total of 21 students and 5 teachers participated in the mindfulness program. A complexity analysis revealed resistance from all levels of the school which made it difficult to sustain the program long term. We argue that it is pertinent to give attention to the interacting elements within and external to the school system in order to predict and mediate any resistance and ensure that mindfulness programs can be fully supported for the long terms benefits of the students.