Foundation for the Advancement of Social Theory


Steven E. Wallis earned his Ph.D. in 2006 at Fielding Graduate University, focusing on the rigorous analysis and integration of conceptual systems. He has a decade of experience as a facilitator and organizational development consultant in Northern California and a broad range of interdisciplinary interests. At Capella University, Steve mentors doctoral candidates. As Director for the Foundation for the Advancement of Social Theory (FAST) he supports emerging scholars who are working to identify rigorous paths for the validation of theory through critical metatheory and metapolicy analysis. His academic publications cover a range of fields including ethics, management, organizational change, and policy. His recent book “Avoiding Policy Failure” shows how a systems view of policy models can be used to estimate the effectiveness of policies before implementation as well as improving policies for reducing cost and improving results. Finally, Dr. Wallis serves as a Fulbright Specialist to help improve the capacity of academic institutions with a focus on theory, strategy, and policy.

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A review of "New Approaches for Modelling Emergence of Collective Phenomena: The Meta-Structures Project" edited by Gianfranco Minati, published by Polimetrica, Milan, ITA ISBN 9788876991431 (2008)
Volume: 11, Issue 2