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Professor, Complex Systems, Adelph University. Author of many articles, books, presentations world-wide. Specializing in emergence, philosophy and complexity science, philosophy of mathematics

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Editorial: Complexity and the generation of social value
Volume: 10, Issue 3

Complexity and social entrepreneurship: A fortuitous meeting
Volume: 10, Issue 3
This paper looks at how ideas, constructs, methods and insights coming out of the sciences of complex systems can be applied to the study of social entrepreneurship. At present, there is no theory that seeks to define social entrepreneurship in complex system terms nor how such a redefinition might contribute to greater positive social outcomes of these kinds of programs. To remedy this, we propose ways that complexity theory can be used to develop useful, and we hope, what is ultimately, a more practical theory. In particular, we explore how complexity ideas might be used to develop a robust theory of social dynamics and of how the mechanisms of social entrepreneurship might be better understood as a practical approach for generating well-defined positive social outcomes. After describing various possibilities, some hopeful thoughts on the future of the field are offered. There is nothing more practical than a good theory. Kurt Lewin

A review of "Reinventing the Sacred: A New View of Science, Reason, and Religion" written by Stuart Kauffman, published by Basic Books ISBN 9780465003006 (2008)
Volume: 10, Issue 3

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