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A nonlinear dynamics approach to exploring the spiritual dimensions of occupation
Volume: 9, Issue 4
The spiritual dimensions of occupation are explored using a dynamic systems model to address the interrelationships between spirit-mind-body-world. A deeper appreciation of the wholeness of human occupation emerges within a spiritual paradigm reflecting the fundamental complexity, nonlinear processes, and pattern flow formation of dynamic human occupation. Emergent perceptions about life-meaning, purpose, and identity are understood through the model of intention, meaning, and perception, influencing the system-wide changes that occur during spiritual occupation. Viewing spiritual occupation as both the creative process (means) and as engagement in spiritual activities (ends), which sustain and support life and health, affords a nonlinear view of the spiritual dimensions of personal growth through the process of self-organization and self-transcendence. Thus, facilitating a deeper conceptualization and understanding of human beings. Dynamic systems modeling of broad and deep spiritual occupations further validates the theory and practice of occupational therapy by addressing the full complexity of occupation as an embodied process of spirit-mind-body and world.