Lund University, SWE


Fredrik Nilsson is Professor in Packaging Logistics at the Department of Design Sciences, Lund University, Sweden. His research areas are complexity theory and thinking, with current projects in healthcare, packaging and consumer goods supply chains. He has published work in the Int. J. of Operations and Production Management, Int. J. of Logistics Management, In. J. of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management and in the ISEC book Explorations in Complexity Thinking.



Rethinking logistics management
Volume: 20, Issue 2
The aim of this paper is to provide insights into, and perspectives on, the transformation of mindsets for logisticians. We argue that by exploring paradoxes inherent in the efficiency-focused paradigm of today, a strategic mindset can emerge in which central logistics management issues can be addressed, understood, and dealt with in order to enhance supply chain effectiveness and innovation. Based on a complexity theoretical perspective the paper challenges assumptions inherit in the logistics discipline which is argued to be needed in order to deal with contemporary logistics issues such as sustainable development. Four propositions for further research and practice have been suggested, each highlighting the required insights and understanding necessary for logisticians to make their mindset more strategically oriented i.e. developing logistics managers with the capabilities to enable a greater focus on effectiveness, innovation and other complex issues such as sustainable development.