Frostburg State University


Dan is Sustainability Liaison at FSU where he teaches courses in Sustainability Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies and helps the university on multiple projects in sustainability. He is also Development Director for Frostburg Grows, a local food production, sustainable agriculture training center, composting and renewable energy site all operating on a former coal mine.

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Using Energy Network Science (ENS) to connect resilience with the larger story of systemic health and development
Volume: 17, Issue 3
The concept of resilience has become popular in international development circles in recent years, but it is only one of many factors in a larger, integrated, empirical understanding of systemic health and development emerging from the study of energy-flow networks. This article explores how the Energy Network Sciences (ENS) can provide a robust theoretical foundation and effective quantitative measures for resilience and other characteristics that undergird systemic health and development in socio-economic networks. Einstein once said that “theory makes measurement possible.” We believe ENS can provide a more effective theory of economic health, which will open the door to surprisingly precise measures. Our goal is to outline the basic reasoning behind both theory and measures.