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Andrew Tait is Chief Technology Officer of Decision Mechanics. Decision Mechanics specializes in decision science and the design/development of related technology. With a background in Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research he is currently involved in helping organizations make use of machine learning to tease insights from their data lakes. Prior to founding Decision Mechanics, Andrew held a range of posts in business, government and academia. He blogs at and tweets in bursts at @decisionmech.

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On the dynamic structure of complex networks
Volume: 18, Issue 1

Confronting complexity
Volume: 10, Issue 2
While complexity researchers have made considerable advances in recent years, complexity thinking, as a formal discipline, has yet to enter the mainstream. We believe that this is partially a consequence of the packaging. The relative dearth of research into practical tools, when compared with that conducted in the areas of philosophy and theory, serves to compound the problem. Given the difficulties experienced by those attempting to transfer complexity ideas from the laboratory to the field, maybe we can best approach the development of tools from alternative theoretical directions—and use our understanding of complexity to evaluate and enhance them. In this article, we introduce Confrontation Management—a theory of human interaction that has its roots in Game Theory—and show that this theory supports the modeling and analysis of, and planning within, complex social systems. As such, we suggest that it represents a powerful addition to any complexity practitioner’s toolbox.